Photo Competition 2016

Title: The Beautiful children of Malawi

JOY- a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

The smallest gift, gesture or action puts the biggest smile on these kids face.

The kids where so excited knowing they would be able to see themselves after the picture was taken and experiencing their joy from that moment is the most joy i will ever receive.

by Kate Pinn


Title: The Warm Heart of Africa

The Malawian people can capture your heart with one radiant smile. It truly is the warm heart of Africa!

by Ella Watt


Title: The Running Man

I was attending a Malawian Wedding and wondered off to take photos of the surrounding. I ended up getting lost but that is now one of my best memories. I wandered for hours, taking photos of the animals and people I came across. For this particular photo I was wondering down a mud road trying to follow the music back to the wedding when this man ran passed me. He had the biggest smile of his face as he was aware that I was taking a photo of him and he obviously didn't have time to stop. I love this photo for the fact that I have no idea where he was going, where he had been or what his story is.

by Grace Ratahi


Title: The Oreo

Here I am with my little twinkles, Ovini and Ava. This photo was taken during kindy week where the all the kids from schools around the Sigatoka area have to come together and perform little skits in front of The Early childhood Education Minister and other chief quests. I love these two endlessly and came especially to watch them. They live in houses close to mine in our village and often come to me for treats and cuddles. Grubby faces, teethy smiles, and a bald head, we don't care. These two special kids light up my world.

by Kelly Porima


Title: Smiles!

Malawi the warm heart of Africa is where you can get a cheeky smile from the most beautiful people. One smile can go a long way and stay in a person's heart for ever.

by Laura Greig


Title: Class Time!

The joy of education is a simple one, and nothing compares to the looks on the kids faces when they understand something new!

by Luke Masters


Title: Giant Duck Duck Goose

Our very last day of teaching resulted in plenty of games including duck duck goose. Our classes combined resulted in the biggest game ever with around 200 students!! Was such fun to teach them this one and see the boys take it so seriously! An unforgettable day.

by Maria Stuart


Title: Happy Neighbours

Being away from home for a long time was hard, and teaching was even harder. My crazy neighbours brought joy to our little deck on sunny afternoons more times than I could count. I miss them everyday!

by Maddie Little


Title: Cuddles & Crackers

The fellow volunteers and I at our daycare in Cuenca Ecuador were invited to cook a dish typical for our country! We made a chicken noodle stir fry and dished it out to all the parents and children, with the recipe to help educate and teach them how to cook easy, nutritious meals for their families! It was a epic day resulting in all smiles and full bellies

by Toby Dobson-Smith


Title: Never a Bad Day

Living alongside these gorgeous malawians meant there was never a bad mood that couldn't be cured. As you can tell from the photo they all have there own personalities. Some will be dancing and singing, some will want to learn a new english word and some will just want a hug or high five. They are all so happy and loving, I couldn't possibly feel sad when around them. The only time I was sad was when I had to say goodbye.

by Taryn Paul