Video Competition 2016

Title: A Day in the Life of a LattitudeNZ Volunteer

Spending the first half of 2016 volunteering in Cuenca, Ecuador. I,along with a fellow volunteer Toby, decided to create a video of what the 9 of us volunteers in Cuenca did everyday. Our roles at our placements all varied so Toby and I spent a few days filming at each placement. The product of this footage is in the video and shows what we all did for 5 months. Hopefully it shows how much we all enjoyed our time in Cuenca and how attached we all became to our placements and the kids we helped.

by Lachlan Davidson


Title: UK GAP YEAR 2015

This is pretty much a summary of the 8 months I worked at Blackwell Adventure last year. I was lucky to have 10 other Gappies to work and live with! 5 of us from NZ, 2 from Australia, 2 from Canada, and 2 from Ghana. We worked 5 days a week taking sessions of outdoor activities for the kids/adults. This is a collection of memories what it was like to work there along with some fun times in between!