Samantha, Malawi II

Exploring Africa


I had the most amazing month of travel while my classes were on school holidays. I spent the first week relaxing, snorkeling and kayaking on Lake Malawi before bussing it to Zambia. Victoria Falls was absolutely beautiful as well as completely mind-boggling. It’s hard to comprehend that that much water even exists!! Even standing 100 metres away, the spray from the falls soaked us to the bone.

The boiling pot was also a sight to see (and aptly named). It is a massive whirl pool of gushing water in which anything that falls in would never come out. The rising cliffs and the ominous mist made it feel like a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean, but I’m sure Captain Jack Sparrow didn’t have to worry about baboons stealing his lunch!!

Bungee jumping 111 metres over the Zambezi River is definitely the most exhilarating thing I have ever done!! I don’t think I will ever get over that falling sensation.

The horseback safari was a nice change of pace after the bungee and allowed us to stand 2-3 metres away from a giraffe without the engine of a safari truck scaring it off. Our truck safari in south Luangwa National Park was another thing all together. I now have an extreme obsession for elephants (including the ones that look like they are considering crushing our vehicle). But perhaps the more impressive spotting was a leopard with its two incredibly adorable cubs which she had to keep pushing away when they tried to play fight with her. There is definitely nothing more surreal than falling asleep in your tent to the sound of hippos, elephants and monkeys.

After travelling back to Malawi, we spent Easter on Likoma Island, home to one of the largest cathedrals in Africa. Here we tried the African dugout canoe, which I discovered I am way too uncoordinated for, and were lucky enough to witness a traditional dancing competition.

In the final week we found our tent literally hanging off the side of a mountain, facing the most expansive view I have ever seen, and received a tour of the nearby waterfall and caves by the local village kids.

We are back teaching in the village now and while I am sad that holidays are over, I was very happy to see my classes again. Malawi is an amazingly beautiful country!!