Georgie, Malawi

Life in Malawi so far


My name over here is Georgina, because Georgie sounds too much like George which is a boy’s name. Thought you might find this amusing!

I love all the senior girls, they are just like hanging with friends back home. And they are so good to chat, or sign with. The younger girls have taken quite an attachment to us, and we have been instructed to be good role models haha!

Laura and I plan to make learning easy and enjoyable for the students through proper time management, the use of practical activities and actually communicating with them in a way they understand.

In terms of the accommodation for the students (they all board) it’s great, two to a room, good sized beds and mattresses, big recreation area for eating etc and clean bathrooms and toilets. There is a dorm for senior boys and for junior girls, one for senior girls, and one for senior boys, all separate from one another. Laura and I are staying just next to the senior girls dorm, we have a spacious room, our own cupboards, a bathroom with toilet, a shower with hot water…sometimes. And then separately, a big kitchen with a two ring burner, no fridge though, we are coping just fine! We were not expecting to have it so good.

For the remainder of this week we are just observing but will begin teaching next week, hopefully. It is Malawi though, and it’s extremely hard to plan anything when you have to live on ‘Malawi time.’

Submitted by: Georgie Brown