Having fun on day 1 of CTT after weeks of preparation

I am now six months through my placement and it is hard to believe I am well and truly on the back end of my trip.  It won’t be long until I am laying in my bed back home in Australia and reminiscing on one of the best years of my life.  The experiences have been second to none and the friendships made cannot be replaced or forgotten.

CTT (Come to Tolmers) Camp
CTT required many weeks of preparation and, once it was upon us, we decided to have some fun on the grass in front of the stage we had spent many hours decorating.  The photo above captures the opening moments of this summer camp and one of the many memories I will cherish.  But this was only day one, it was to last another 14 days.  The whole two weeks were as much fun as the first day.

The camp featured many events and activities; from daily activities to hiking, from discos to bingo nights, it was an eventful two weeks and well worth all the time and effort put into it.

Full swing at the disco foam party

The first Friday night disco was definitely a night to remember.  Being crowd control and celebrating a successful first week of CTT with the crew and the children meant that I immediately became a foam target.  The children took every chance they had to blow foam over the fence at me, which meant by the end the whole crew and I were covered head to toe in foam.  The one thing I learned was not to pick a foam fight when highly out numbered.

I have never been a great line dancer; actually I have never really done line dancing, however with the peer pressure of both crew and dozens of campers I was forced into attempting to show off my moves.  One thing I can say is that no matter how silly we all looked, we all had so much fun and a fantastic time.

Crew and campers giving line dancing a go

There are far too many memories of CTT to list them all, but all have made an impact; whether it be to myself, my fellow crew members or on the campers. Everyone came and enjoyed themselves, challenged themselves and left with precious memories and new friends.  It was just a small part of what has been a fantastic year.

Submitted by: Wessley Kennedy