Shannon, Schools Assistant, UK III

Forestry Club camping trip in the UK

Some of fabulous staff (Shannon in middle!)

Some of the fabulous staff (Shannon in middle!)

This weekend was anything but boring as I attended the first ever Forestry Club camping trip! There were 50 children from Years 3 to 8, along with 10 supervising staff and parents. We left school early on Friday afternoon and headed to one of the students family’s private properties, about 45 minutes away.

The trip consisted of setting up and taking down tents (which I was surprised to find was a major struggle as over half the kids had never camped), we made fires, toasted marshmallows, played the ‘classic’ camp games and completed a scavenger hunt (that I created)!

Shannon putting her cooking skills to the test

We, the staff and parents, cooked dinner the first night as it was BBQ and we thought it would be much too risky to allow the children to cook chicken and meat products. They, however, were responsible for cooking their own breakfast the next morning (on the fires they had built)… but we did have some spare bacon cooking on the staff BBQ just in case!

Overall the trip was a HUGE success and both the kids and staff absolutely loved it! I was completely exhausted when we returned to school on Saturday evening as I’d only had 2.5 hours sleep! I stayed up until the early hours of the morning supervising the fires that were still burning, and then was woken by some curious Year 7s (at 5am) saying “do you think the gaps are STILL(?!?!) asleep? Let’s go check.. Miss Shannon?…” I honestly didn’t mind this, I actually thought it was quite sweet, as I can remember doing exactly the same thing when I was their age, and how cool and grown up I felt!

The perks of a 5am wake up!

It was also lovely to see the boys and girls out of the structured school environment and get to know them as young people rather than just students. I had such an amazing time!

Submitted by: Shannon Jones