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Camp update and European travels

Going on an exhilarating Segway ride through Rome

I have now been at my placement at Tolmers Activity Centre for just over three months and have comfortably settled in and am really feeling at home.  I have made many friends and many memories already on my trip. I have done things that were completely new experiences for me and I’m not even half way through my stay here at Tolmers.

France and Italy
I recently took some time off to go travelling through France and Italy and it really was an experience to be savoured.  How many people can say they have travelled around Rome on a Segway? Or relived their childhood dreams at Disney land? Or eaten snails and whole baby octopus?  I can now say I’ve done all these things!  I can also comfortably say that I’ve been on a gondola ride though the grand canals in Venice and walked the floors of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City.

Tolmers Activity Centre
My work has become increasingly busy now summer is rolling in.  There have been more groups and more kids coming in to enjoy the exciting activities available at Tolmers, and I’ve had an amazing time teaching and instructing them.

I’ve met with many challenges that have turned out to be very rewarding and most certainly a learning experience for everyone involved.  I’ve faced the challenges of instructing deaf children and blind children and it really opened up my eyes to the finer things in life, and the beauty in people.  I faced the challenge of assisting a very young blind girl around a track on pedal carts.  This little girl had never riden a bike, nor did she know what the pedalling action was. I went all the way around the track with her and her carer and it was the most amazing experience.  Her happiness and excitement warmed my heart.

All the children I have worked with, whether it be on site at Tolmers or off site at a school or town fair, have been fantastic and it has really developed my interpersonal skills. I’ve loved every minute of it.

It’s hard to think I’m only half way through my placement here in England.  I am beyond eager to find out what the final half on my stay will bring, what memories I will have and what friends I will make for life.

Enjoying myself rolling people around in zorb balls

Submitted by: Wessley Kennedy