Shannon, Schools Assistant, UK II

Swimming, cricket & excursions in the UK!

Shannon and the beautiful English countryside

The last two weeks have been SO busy! The swimming program at the school is now in full swing and I’m at the pool at least once a day, sometimes twice, with students of all ages. This week I completed a Splash Test at the centre which means I am now allowed and qualified to coach swimming from both in and out of the pool!

Last Friday the school hosted a T20 cricket tournament between three schools. One of the schools was from further north so they stayed in the boarding house for two nights. It was such an amazing event! The majority of the school stayed to watch, with students running stalls, games and competitions, there was afternoon tea and a FREE BBQ and, just to top it all off, there was running commentary (the deputy through a microphone), music and entertainment (the school’s dance troop)! It was actually like a REAL T20 match!

The deputy in his element at T20

While I was on duty last weekend, I went on an ‘excursion’ with the choristers to Bournemouth, a town two hours along the coast! I say ‘excursion’ because technically the boys were working as they had been invited to perform Evening Song in the Bournemouth Cathedral. As we arrived ahead of schedule, we had time to take a walk through a park to the beach and see the pier. While the boys were rehearsing I took a wander through the town and shops and discovered the local market.

Sunny Bournemouth

The service itself was lovely – the boys continue to amaze me with their talent. The cathedral then provided us dinner and tea (a requirement for all meals in England) before we headed back to Chichester. It was a gorgeous town, and I’m so glad I was able to go as I wouldn’t have known to visit it otherwise!

Submitted by: Shannon Jones