Alison teaching her class

Hi, my name is Alison and I am volunteering here in China as an English Teacher. I teach basic English to students between the ages of 15 and 19. I teach topics such as Australian culture and geography, animals, clothing and foods to increase their vocabulary and confidence with English.

China is such a fascinating place. I love the culture, the buildings the mountains and the general way of life. It’s really beneficial to know about China in the 21st century as it is the new emerging superpower.

Doing a Lattitude placement is a really wonderful and powerful way to learn about China because you’re making a difference here in a school, and you’re making student life that little bit more fun. Whilst you teach them they are also teaching you so much about yourself. I’ve become so much more confident over here and I can stand in front of a class and teach 60 kids… 60 kids! I stand up there and talk about things and I’m not nervous because they are my friends. It has given me a lot more confidence – China really is a wonderful place!

Alison nestled within her students

Lattitude is such a fantastic organisation, the preparation before coming to China was amazing. They really helped me so much with their pre departure camps and all the information and support they give. There are so many people there just to look after you and make sure you’re having a good time and that you’re safe. If you’re thinking about volunteering in China, I would definitely say do it! I’m really glad I came!

My placement has really taught me about being more confident, and that there are people looking out for you and caring for you. You can be in the most remote corner of China and people are still kind and they still look out for you. It’s given me a lot more positivity and open-mindedness about the world, and a tolerance for things that I wasn’t too tolerant about before. When I go home I will miss the children, the school and the fact that everything in China is an adventure.

Submitted by: Alison Collins