Maddy, China

So happy here in China



Maddy (R) with Link Teacher Lucy and fellow volunteer Alison (L)

My name is Maddy and I’m a volunteer teacher here at National Minorities High School of Yuxi. The school is in Eshan, Yunnan Province, China and I teach classes 7-12. General classes go for 40 minutes and I teach the students a range of topics to increase their interest in the English language and have fun whilst learning.

I’m partnered with another volunteer named Alison and our link teacher’s name is Lucy. Lucy is amazing! She’s very helpful, her English is very good and she does whatever she can to get us involved and to answer every need we have. The support here is amazing, we have confidence in the kids and the kids have confidence in us. All the teachers here are so friendly; everyone just welcomes you into the big family here – its lovely!

As well as having great support, we are also in a beautiful area. The environment is stunning and there are so many trees and temples. Alison and I have spent quite a bit of time exploring new places and climbing various mountains. We have also visited the hometowns of some of the students which has been great.

English class in China

After school we have an English corner with the students from 6.40pm to 7.20pm. Usually we run around an hour overtime though because the students say it is too early to finish…they are so enthusiastic! During this time we sing songs with them, dance and teach them a lot of Western games. We sing the Hokey Pokey and play games such as Marco Polo. We teach them the instructions in English and when they want to teach us games, they also have to teach us the rules in English too. We have a lot of fun spending time with the students and getting to know them.

I’ve become much more confident since being here. I’m still a chatterbox as usual but I’m much more confident teaching the kids and I’m a lot less nervous. They have become more comfortable with us and we are becoming more comfortable with them. At times we are total goofballs and they love it! I’m not as shy as I used to be; I’m dancing and singing more in front of people which I never used to do. I’m definitely a more confident person and I’m a lot better at organising things now. I’ve only ever been late once and that’s because I couldn’t find the classroom! I’m enjoying it here, it’s really fun and I’m becoming a stronger person. I’ve got more strength in myself and I’m not as shy anymore which is very good. I’m happy about that and really don’t want to leave!

Submitted by: Maddy Wood