Parent Feedback, Argentina


Hi Lattitude,


Apologies for the late message, it has been exactly 7 sleeps since Chance left for Argentina last week.  We have since skyped & I have met his Host Brother Thomas, seen around the home & meet the 4 family dogs that Chance will I am sure enjoy. His host Dad was still @ work in the orchard and he has yet to meet with his sister & mama, but none the less he has an amazing whanau and has already connected well with Dad & the bro…lol. He arrived in Cillipotle (wrong spelling I think) near Neuquén some time at the end of last week and was greeted by his host father whose first question to Chance was do you play Rugby? He then took him to sign him up with their local under 19 rugby team Marabumba  lol….so the initial time already has been an awesome experience for Chance. Once he settles in I am sure he will miss us (maybe?) I know his brother & sister are so missing big brother, and it’s only been a week, I am too, but am so excited at the opportunities & life experiences Chance will have ahead of him. I briefly saw and meet one of the boys with Chance and the two other girls @ Auckland airport, this made it soooooo much easier to say goodbye, sending him off with other young &great NZ kids, or should I say adults.  I am sure the other parents were also thinking the same….So a big thank you to the whole Latitude team. I am truly grateful for the opportunity that we have been granted especially considering our very late application…lol….


As a mother I would just like to express my deepest thanks to all of you who organised and supported myself & Chance over these last few months. Especially in the last few weeks when Visas and apostilles were still in progress and time was ticking by, so Thanks to everyone for your constant support.

Please forward this to those who have also been a part of the organising team, including those in Argentina, unfortunately I don’t have their e-mails.


Once again, thank you one and all, I would have never been able to organise something this big on my own, with all your guys knowledge and networks it has made my sons goal and dream of travelling overseas come to fruition. Prior to this, Chance has been surrounded by amazing people in our community of “Gizzy” who have nurtured, growled, feed, clothed, supported, challenged, lead, let lead and allowed him to dream and grow into a wonderful young man.  So the production of great people from all around NZ usually involves a whole community, well that’s my experience. So to all of you out there who have now joined my little community of support, I am forever grateful.


Have a great day one and all….xxxx


With much love & gratitude

Alex AKA Chances Mama