Krista, Canada

Hey my names Krista and I have been in Vancouver, Canada for 5 months now. All I can say is that it has been a amazing experience so far and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity thanks to Lattitude NZ.
The Camp I am working at is called Camp Jubilee and it is situated along the Indian Arm , we have to take a 20minute boat ride to get to camp as it is not road accessable.
When we first arrived at camp is was so cold , we were not use to it as we had came from a New Zealand summer , but we all slowly got use to it . The first tasks we had to complete were spring camps, which involved taking school groups, this only meant we had to work 6 hours a day which was not bad at all compared to what they had in store for us in summer. Little did we know we would be having to work a lot more then just 6 hours and having to be with the kids 24/7. During spring we got the weekends off so most of the time we spent in downtown Vancouver, don’t get me wrong Downtown is nice but you do get over it, especially since I’m a small town/country girl. We got a week off in June to go and recharge before summer camp started. Sam and I went over to Vancouver Island and had a look around Victoria, we stayed with a family friend for two days then headed to Tofino. It was such a lovely part of the island, parts of it felt like we were up north in the north island , New Zealand. It was so nice just to relax. we spent two nights there and then headed back to the main land. It was then back to Camp Jubilee. We had a week of Staff training and we meet all the summer staff we were going to be working with . We had a lot of fun and really got ourselves mentally prepared for what summer had installed for us.
July 1st was the day summer camp started, it was exciting and scary at the same time. But of course the day ran smoothly. I had a good group of girls aged between 9-12 , through out the week it got a bit more challenging but I got through. So weeks past and we are now up to session 6 out of 7. Summer camp has been a very fantastic but challenging experience, I have enjoyed meeting so many nice, friendly people through out my stay. The families have been so welcoming and letting us into their homes. We still have about 12 weeks left at camp but as summer camp is slowly coming to a end , fall camps are just around the corner. Our last day at camp is October 15th, we have about a month to travel after so Sam and I are planning on travelling to Seattle then to San Fransico and then on to Banff and Quebec. We fly back to New Zealand on the 28th of November.

I just want to say thank you so much to Lattitude NZ, especially to Lorna who spent many hours on the phone with me listening to all my questions. I have had such a nice time in Canada and I now know what I want to do when I get back to NZ. I also want to say a big thank you to Camp Jubilee, Dave Duckworth and James McLeod, camp wouldn’t have been as fun without you two. I appreciate the opportunity that you gave me. I have been told that home doesn’t change but you do and I know I have definitely changed since being home. I have realised that you have to mature a lot as you are making your decisions by yourself and not having your parents there to help out with them. I have also realised I have became more relaxed and chilled out. I look forward to returning home and showing everyone how I have changed.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog.