Emily, Emma & Hazel, Canada


Emily, Emma and Hazel in Canada

When the kiwi’s take over…

After an eventful trip through customs requiring Emily to be drug and gunshot residue tested at every stop we made it onto Canadian soil. Where we were met by the lovely Pia, Stuart and the Lattitude team with a box of  our newly beloved Tim Hortons donuts, we then ventured through the streets of Vancouver, where Emily immediately began regretting over packing although she did manage to con some poor guy into carrying her bags, while Hazel played tourist taking as many pictures as humanly possible.


We then arrived at our hostel where we collapsed into tired heaps on our beds before being summoned to head on out for a night of five pin bowling and pizza.

The next day we rose from our warm beds to head to the Vancouver library where we were orientated about our upcoming year. After an eventful morning many of us headed off to the airport to catch our flights to our final and most fabulous destination. But not before Canada airlines booted Emily off our flight because of a faulty door, which was when Lattitude came to our rescue. Several hours later we landed in Calgary full of excitement and feeling slightly relieved to be met by several staff members from our beloved Kamp Kiwanis. They took us on a very eventful outing to Walmart to get supplies, at which we were slightly overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the place. We then were taken to our camp, Kamp Kiwanis. Upon our arrival we were met with an extreme scavenger hunt around the icy, snowy unfamiliar Kamp in the dark. We then began to create our new Kamp personas whilst trying to demolish ice cream cake. We finally decided on our camp names, Emily is now referred to as Fern, Hazel as Tui and Emma as Tiki. Over the next week, we learnt many programs and a had great time getting to know our new colleagues whilst continuing on our mission to finish the ice cream cake.


It then came time to have kids at our Kamp and our energy levels sky rocketed. However the week was a lot of work and the Canadians predictions that we would all start drinking coffee soon came true when Hazel and Emily in a moment of complete exhaustion reached for a cup of the strong stuff, this aside we had an amazing first week and we were sad to see the kids go back to school. That weekend we had our first major experience of travelling on our own when we had a weekend in the ski and snowboard haven that is Banff. We learnt how to book hotels, use Canadian public transport and most importantly that Kiwis have a built in radar and can find a fellow country man anywhere, we’re pretty sure we meet all the Kiwis that live in Banff. 



This past week has been Spring Break here in Canada, so we have had a maintenance week here at Kamp meaning Emma spent at least three days painting two precise replicas of the Earth to be used as table settings, whilst everybody else completed their’s in less than half a day.

It is a great relief to know that Lattitude is there to support us and help us out of any situations, shown by our experiences so far.

We are having an awesome time and we are also looking forward to the rest of the Lattitude gappers coming to join us soon.

Emma (Tiki) Neal , Emily (Fern) McDonald, Hazel (Tui) Buchanan.