Leah, Canada


Leah in Canada

My Gap Year experience in Canada so far has been awesome.

Before leaving New Zealand I was nervous for weeks, but as I arrived in Vancouver for orientation and met other volunteers I have been lucky enough to skip the homesickness. I have done things that have been out of my comfort zone and things that I never thought I would be able to do, for example, I was in Vancouver by myself and got lost and was unable to find my way back to the hostel but now I look back and laugh about it and it is a good feeling knowing that I had walked around Vancouver by myself and eventually found my way back.




My next obstacle was getting from one side of Canada to the other. I was nervous for the transfers and big airports I would have to go through, after I made it through the first flight and eventually to Halifax I was so happy that I had been through some of the biggest airports by myself and it was a good feeling of accomplishment. 



Since being in Halifax I have enjoyed meeting new people and making friends with the locals as they are all so friendly and welcoming. I have been working at childcares and school programs which have been a good experience and good training being around children before camp starts in April. I enjoy being from another country as people are more amused by us and have an interest to talk to us and it is also  interesting listening and talking to locals.

I have also done a lot of things around Halifax for example been to Basketball and Ice hockey games which was a great experience as we do not have Ice Hockey in New Zealand. I have been ice skating which was a lot of fun and cool as it is outside with no rails to hold onto which was different and a bit nerve racking at first, and I have also been and looked around the city, and tried some of the local foods such as donairs and poutine.



My overall experience in Canada so far has been amazing an I am so happy that I chose to come overseas for a year I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else doing something else other than where I am and I look forward to the adventures ahead of me.