Kadie, Canada


Kadie McCreedy, Kamp Kiwanis


Well it’s week one here in Calgary, Alberta at Kamp Kiwanis and I’m still loving every minute of it.  Still no kids for another two weeks.  On Friday Steph and I carried on painting the Rockwell House – which is our project for the kids.  We are making it into a nature room, but making it look like an antique store – which is quite weird but that’s what our project tells us we have to do, so that’s what we did.

Saturday was our day off so we went to the river that is on camp.  It’s about a half an hour long walk away but really scenic.  The sad thing was we didn’t catch any fish but it was just nice to sit and chill.  Once we got back to camp we just slept as we still had jet lag – trust me it’s not a nice feeling.

Sunday we went into town for the first time.  We went to a place that’s like Hunting and Fishing.  It was cool because when we got there it had 30% off everything, so we picked the best day to go.  After that we went to the supermarket to get our groceries for the week, and then headed home and chilled in front on the TV and watched a movie.

Monday was the same as Friday – we just carried on with our nature room painting and organising some nature activities to play when the kids arrive.

Tuesday we got the fun job of licking stamps for the day and attaching them on to envelopes, so it was pretty relaxing day which was cool.

Wednesday must have been the best day yet because it snowed.  Yes that’s right people, it snowed.  Not just a little bit, a lot.  It was amazing.  We spent the first half of the morning in town buying some arts and crafts for our nature room, and spent the second half of the afternoon taking pictures and having snow ball fights.  It was so much fun we must have been like 5 year olds playing in the snow, but it was really cool because out of the 3 Aussies that are on camp with me, 2 of them have never seen snow.

Today we finished making activities for the nature room which was great, but we’ve still got quite a bit to carry on.  I’m loving doing this project.  Tomorrow we are going traveling with Splash and Tree (Jennifer and Ryan our directors of the camp), so that’s it for this week.