Our Daughter in China


Our daughter, Anna Gordon, is having a fantastic time in Eshan in China. Her eyes are being opened every day and she is loving her experience there.

So far there doesn’t appear to be any homesickness and her English Teacher “mentors” seem to be taking great care to make sure the girls are looked after. She and her volunteering partner, Shannon, appear to be a good match for each other and are very supportive of each other which is also good.

Anna has started a blog while she is away for us to keep up to date with her. In my day we did postcards and aerogrammes if our parents were lucky… now we have blogs, photos and Skype to keep in touch… it’s wonderful!

It’s interesting how many friends and family have read Anna’s blog and skyped with her; it has meant that her experiences and observations are broadened many times over. It means so many more people have access to a part of China they would not normally get to hear about.

I guess what I’m saying is that while Anna’s experience is educating her, it is also educating us as well as her extended family in the USA and Germany…so it has a ripple effect!

As a parent, I am thrilled that Anna has this opportunity which is obviously in an environment that is hospitable and friendly. Thank you to everyone at Lattitude for overseeing the program. From what I heard the pre-departure camp was a great springboard for the participants in terms of reflection and bonding,and as parents, we are grateful for the continued oversight.

Paul, the in-country representative who trained them in Kunming, was fantastic at responding to our emails and any concerns we had; he also sounded like a great trainer and a caring human-being. Anna’s blog has already been forwarded on to a number of potential volunteers. I have to say her experience is a great advertisement for your program.

Submitted by: Karen Schmidt and Bruce Gordon