Kane, China


Chinese Mum & Dad

The two loveliest bosses I have had the opportunity to be acquainted with in China own separate and entirely different restaurants. One spends their time on the school’s business street, whilst the other is near the school’s west gate.

The lady by the west gate owns the restaurant called ‘The Big Dish’, and we have persisted in calling her her ‘Chinese Mum’, even telling her once. She was quite happy and she couldn’t be friendlier towards all the foreign teachers; it is the restaurant of choice.

The other restaurant owner, ‘Chinese Dad’, has a quaint joint called the ‘Rice King’ and rightfully so as his family knows how to make the best fried rice and noodles ever. We have never told this man we see him as our Chinese Dad. He has the stance of warrior with the smile of a gentle giant, but by no means is he a giant! Once he invited my volunteer partner and I to have lunch with his family, treating us to his best dishes and his own homemade Baijie (Chinese white wine), and on that day we truly felt like we were a part of his family.

We regularly visit both these establishments. They are definitely hidden gems of China.

Submitted by: Kane Winchester