Kane, China II


Campus Life is Never Dull

The highlights of volunteering usually come from the teaching and school in which you teach. Depending on the campus or type of school you are placed in, the atmosphere changes dramatically. However, atmosphere or not, there will be activities, invitations to events and students to talk to all the time, this is a certainty.

You are never relaxing for too long before you have something else to do! Now many people would think, “What? That is terrible!” but I assure you, this is a good busy. You want to be at these events watching your students do the things they love, and succeed at them; students can amaze you, if you let them.

One of the best events I was privileged to be present at was the cultural performances, displaying unique traditions of the ethnic minorities that call China home. There was one dance in particular I was very fond of, maybe because of my bias to the students that I had helped teach the previous semester. Either way the performance was stunning. They had what looked like a giant sombrero that one girl would spin around on and climb over whilst the other performers would suspend it above their own heads. The whole dance always seemed to remind me of the movie Ice Age 3. Peculiar? Yes, a little bit.

This is just one of dozens of performances, basketball games, public speaking events, speech contests, and outings I have been to whilst in China. The campus life provides ridiculous amounts of work and excitement if you permit it the opportunity. Sometimes I tend to forget that Neijiang is actually a city the size of Melbourne or larger because the campus and university life is so enthralling that at times you just don’t leave the grounds for weeks, and when you eventually leave it is most likely to go to another city for travel.

Campus life is never dull.

Submitted by: Kane Winchester