Milly and Cass, UK


Milly and Cass at an Outdoor placement in the UK

Its Milly and Cass here, just a note to let you know how its been going at Lakeside so far.

We have been here for two months now and have already done so many new and exciting things. As instructors at the camp we have now finished our staff training and are just getting into the swing of having our own groups in. For our first month here we were just shadowing and seconding activities, but now we are signed off to lead almost all the activities so excitingly enough we are on our own.

The activities include climbing and abseiling, king swing, aerial runway, raft building, archery, orienteering, pioneering, bushcraft, canoeing, kayaking, fell walking, feild games and initiatives. So we are having a lot of fun and being kept very busy! The atmosphere here is really positive and the other staff are really nice and try to include us gappies as much as possible. Lakeside itself is absolutely beautiful, although generally very cold and wet!


Outside of work we are having heaps of fun hanging out with the other staff having a lot of camp fires, going walking, climbing cliffs and going paddling. Lakeside is at its busiest over the summer months, like all other outdoor centres, so unfortunately we are unable to take much time off at once to travel. We are lucky enough though to have been to Liverpool and Newcastle, and have just got back from Dublin where we met up with two other gappies.


We are having such an amazing time over here on our gap year and are meeting so many new and interesting people from all over the UK and Europe. We encourage any one and everyone to take up the opportunity that Lattitude offers and come on a gap year, you won’t regret it!

From Milly and Cass