CesRon, Outdoor Instructor, UK

In Scotland, I work as an Outdoor Instructor teaching my clients about the wonders and explorations of the outdoors. I teach kids between 8 to 17 years old. My focus is mostly directly towards the primary kids (Talking about inner-fears, achieving simple goals, encouraging each other, taking these wonderful Kids out of their everyday comfort zone.) In other words : Toughing them up at a young age, so they can trust in themselves to succeed.

My work requires me to be validated in Low ropes and High ropes.

  • Low ropes are activities such as the Assault course, Mohalk walk,Night-line and so much more.
  • High ropes are activities such as Flying fox, Tree climb, pole climb and so much more.

I am qualified in archery, survival first-aid and two star kayaking. I have to keep focus because my clients’ life is in my hands when doing these activities, wooo scary.  My gap year challenges me how to adapted in a different environment and experience the other-side of the world. My hope is to study towards a Diploma for Adventure Tourism Management next few years and become qualified as a Helicopter Rescue Pilot someday.

The only comment I would like for the next gappers or people thinking about taking part in a gap year is to stay sharp and create yourself a new comfort zone with other gappers.