Lachlan, Canada

This whole idea of coming to a different country started off as a dream! I’ve always loved to travel and wondered what else there is to do around the world. It took me a few weeks to find the best place to be that would allow me to develop my skills and also as a person.

This year I’ve experienced life as a Winnipegger at a Camp Douglas!

I’ve had to tough it through the coldest winter recorded since 1898 with -53 degrees celsius. That day deserved 6+ layers of clothing.

First group counselling was a major learning curve for me. 12 kids and one Counsellor… I thought it’d be easy for my first group… nope, it was a challenge, with many rewards. It was so much fun connecting with kids, they all have different opinions from us adults.

After a few months of counselling school groups and working with a wide range of kids and teachers, I developed a wide range of techniques how to deal with or prevent situations that could, and sometimes did, occur.

Summer camp is a time for fun and games! All around the clock.  I went into the summer camps thinking that I’ll just be a big kid! Which, I was… my job is the best I thought every day. Who else gets to play games, swim, do high ropes or climb rocks all day, not many people. So developing skills while playing games, it was one of the best things I got to do.

The overall experience that I got from coming to Canada has overwhelmed me. Seeing the way things are done, seeing people develop over the course of coming to camp. Being able to understand why people do certain things in situations.
I’ve met many new people and made many different friends. Although we don’t always agree on everything, I would not change the time with them for anything.

Working at camp was hard work and needs dedication but it has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life.