What Are The Costs?


At Lattitude we pride ourselves on our professionalism, international expertise, and above all the support we offer our volunteers and their parents.  As a non-profit organisation we aim to keep the costs involved as low as possible without compromising on the value, quality and safety of every volunteer’s experience.  The following details Lattitude fees for 2017/18 placements and estimated costs for additional expenses, with a breakdown of inclusions for each.

From To

Lattitude Application Fee

The application fee goes towards the cost of processing applications and holding interviews. Whenever possible, we like to travel to you to interview you in person, but if not , video conferencing (using Skype) is an alternative. All applicants are guaranteed an interview and this fee is non-refundable

$150 $150

Lattitude Global Volunteering Fee

Your Lattitude Global Volunteering fee goes towards such things as:

  • Assigning you a paid staff member in New Zealand who will support and assist you every step of the way
  • In-depth matching processes, ensuring you are offered a placement that suits your individual strengths
  • Your pre-departure briefing and information to prepare you for your volunteer experience
  • Support during your placement, including access to an in-country Lattitude Representative and access to the wider Lattitude network
  • Safety measures: including vetting of placements and a 24-hour emergency phone line
  • Day-to-day administration at the Lattitude office in New Zealand

We ask you to pay a $900 deposit when accepting your placement offer which is non-refundable.  The rest of the Contribution fee is due 40 days before your departure.

$3,900 $3,900

In-Country Orientation

The content of each orientation varies from country to country but will include some of the following:

  • Accommodation, venue hire and some meals
  • Airport pickup and other transport requirements
  • Briefing materials and cultural activities
$100 $400

Teaching Skills Course

You may be required to undertake a short teaching skills course for your placement.  For some volunteers this course is undertaken in Palmerston North, while for others it is combined with an in-country orientation.  If undertaking the course in Palmerston North the fee does not cover the cost of flights and accommodation.

$0 $350

Return Airfare

Through the dedicated Lattitude Team at NZ Travelbrokers we arrange a group flight to each destination with changeable return dates. The cost will vary according to your destination.
$500 $4,000

Travel Insurance

We have negotiated a travel insurance policy through QBE Travel Insurance that is specifically tailored to the needs of our volunteers. The cost will vary according to your location and length of time away.

$250 $1,600


A visa is required for the majority of countries in which we operate. We work closely with Embassies and High Commissions to arrange the most suitable visa for your placement. The cost will vary according to your destination.

$0 $550

GP Visits Costs

All volunteers are required to visit their GP to complete a medical history questionnaire. Costs vary between GP's. All childhood vaccinations must be up-to-date (free in New Zealand up to the age of 18).
$30 $200

Travel Doctor Consultation & Immunisations

All applicants are screened by Worldwise Travel Health - this cost is paid for by Lattitude.

Many volunteers are required to consult with a Travel Health Specialist for advice on immunisations and safe travel in the country they are planning to volunteer in.

Please note that for some developing countries, immunisations can be quite expensive, so please plan for this cost when completing your budget.

$50 $1,000

Police Check

All volunteers are required to obtain a Police check prior to commencing their placement.

$0 $0

Accommodation and Food

Both are supplied by our hosts in country. In some cases pocket money is provided as well.

$0 $0
Total $4,980 $12,150

Other costs associated with your time away may include purchasing a passport, and personal travel before, during or after your placement. Food and accommodation is supplied by our hosts in-country, and in many cases, pocket money is provided as well.

An indicative cost per country is found on each country page in the 'costs' dropdown.

Please note: final acceptance for all volunteers will be dependent of the results of police and medical checks.  


We are aware that this may sound like a lot of money, especially after adding up the total cost including flights, insurance etc. However, in comparison to other “gap year” activities, such as backpacking for a similar timeframe, we believe it represents excellent value.  A Lattitude placement is structured. This means that we put a lot of effort into making arrangements with your hosts regarding the type of work you will be doing, your accommodations, your safety, partner matching, and placing you in the most appropriate role to suit your needs and interests. As a youth development charity, we want to ensure that you develop skills and confidence on your placement that will make a real difference to you when you move into higher education or apply for your first job.  So not only do we believe it to be great value for money, but also an investment in your future.

At Lattitude, we encourage volunteers to be proactive and consider fundraising as a part of their journey with us. Many of our volunteers have demonstrated fantastic initiative and dedication towards raising funds; with a clear strategy and a bit of effort, it is amazing what can be done. We are happy to provide letters of support and promotional material to volunteers, to aid and authenticate their efforts, and we are always able to share ideas for those who need a little help getting started.