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    Sean, Argentina

    "It’s been one week and three days since I left wonderful New Zealand of Argentina….. and boy what a week and three days it has been. "

    Sean, Argentina »

    Demi Shale, Canada

    "I am having so much fun so far and can’t believe that two months have already gone by leaving only five more to go. I am really happy that I chose to come to Canada, I’ve already learnt a great deal and have experienced so much that it is unbelievable."

    Demi Shale, Canada »

    Matt in Canada

    Lattitude has helped me to get the most fun out of my life, and that is being in the outdoors, whether I’m teaching kids or climbing mountains. Sometimes you just have to choose something and dive straight into it, don’t hold back, just do it!

    Matt, Canada »

    Lachlan, Canada

    The overall experience that I got from coming to Canada has overwhelmed me. Seeing the way things are done, seeing people develop over the course of coming to camp. Being able to understand why people do certain things in situations.
    I’ve met many new people and made many different friends.

    Lachlan, Canada »

    YMCA Camp Elphinstone - Promo Video

    The YMCA Camp Elphinstone Lip Dub video is a great way to showcase our camp as a fun, active environment for kids. The project was made possible by funding from the YMCA Innovation Fund, which supports projects that create or enhance programs, create engagement in the community, or help improve the YMCA in an innovative way.

    Elphinstone Vid, Canada »

    Jennifer, Canada

    "My advice to anyone just finishing school, you don’t have to follow the crowd. Don’t go to university just because you think that’s what society wants you to do. Volunteer on a gap year. Get real life skills. Experience more of the world than just the town you live in. You won’t be disappointed."

    Jennifer, Canada »

    Maya, Canada

    "My time at Camp Elphinstone was an experience like no other, and to this day it remains the best year of my life. Not only did I learn how to interact with children and work as a leader within a team, but I also learnt an exceptional amount about myself."

    Maya, Canada »

    Declan, Canada

    "Now halfway through session three with another great group of kids, I feel like I have one of the best jobs in the world."

    Declan, Canada »

    Kate, Canada

    "I hope you are all fit and well. I can’t believe that I have been calling camp home for well over 2 months already. Time is flying!"

    Kate, Canada »

    Kate, Canada II

    "Last Saturday, I flew 13 hours to Vancouver direct from Auckand. This was a group flight, so I got to meet lots of the other 40 volunteers who are starting work this month for the same volunteering outfit, Lattitude."

    Kate, Canada »

    Tamsen, Canada

    "Taking a GAP year was the best thing for me to do after finishing school, and I’m so glad that I made the decision to do this through an organised GAP year programme like Lattitude. So if you are thinking about whether or not to take a GAP year, my advice would be Do It!!"

    Tamsen, Canada »

    Maya, Canada II

    "Volunteering at Camp Elphinstone was an absolutely incredible experience and I have Lattitude to thank for it because without them all of this never would have happened. I hope all those going on a gap year in the future love it just as much as I did, and remember, the greatest counsellors are the ones who still know what it is to be a camper."

    Maya, Canada II »

    Krista, Canada

    "Hey my names Krista and I have been in Vancouver, Canada for 5 months now. All I can say is that it has been a amazing experience so far and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity thanks to Lattitude NZ"

    Krista, Canada »

    Emily, Emma & Hazel, Canada

    "It is a great relief to know that Lattitude is there to support us and help us out of any situations, shown by our experiences so far. We are having an awesome time and we are also looking forward to the rest of the Lattitude gappers coming to join us soon."

    Emily, Emma and Hazel, Canada »

    Leah, Canada

    "My overall experience in Canada so far has been amazing an I am so happy that I chose to come overseas for a year I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else doing something else other than where I am and I look forward to the adventures ahead of me."

    Leah, Canada »

    Ali, China

    "My time in China will always have a special place in my heart. I did things I never would have imagined and I’ve made friends for life. Nothing can compare and I am so grateful for my experiences."

    Ali, China »

    Lewis in China

    "I enjoyed it so much, I’m planning on going back again this year to visit my friends, the school I worked in and learn so much more about the most magical place I have ever been. Good luck to anyone planning on going there, you’re in for an adventure!"

    Lewis, China »

    Alison, China

    "Lattitude is such a fantastic organisation, the preparation before coming to China was amazing. They really helped me so much with their pre departure camps and all the information and support they give. There are so many people there just to look after you and make sure you’re having a good time and that you’re safe."

    Alison, China »

    Maddy, "So Happy Here In China"

    "My name is Maddy and I’m a volunteer teacher here at National Minorities High School of Yuxi. The school is in Eshan, Yunnan Province, China and I teach classes 7-12. General classes go for 40 minutes and I teach the students a range of topics to increase their interest in the English language and have fun whilst learning."

    Maddy, China »

    Becca, China

    "I loved China so much!
    Thank you so much Lattitude for giving me the opportunity to go to China and enjoy every second of it!"

    Becca, China »

    Kane, China

    "The two loveliest bosses I have had the opportunity to be acquainted with in China own separate and entirely different restaurants. One spends their time on the school’s business street, whilst the other is near the school’s west gate."

    Kane, China »

    Kane, China II

    "The highlights of volunteering usually come from the teaching and school in which you teach. Depending on the campus or type of school you are placed in, the atmosphere changes dramatically. However, atmosphere or not, there will be activities, invitations to events and students to talk to all the time, this is a certainty."

    Kane, China II »

    Natasha, Ecuador Pt2

    "Another incredible day! Featuring a beautiful surprise parade, one really odd Argentinian movie which I found weirdly hilarious, shopping for local produce (muy bien) and amazing views over the beautiful city of Quito."

    Natasha, Ecuador Pt2 »

    Natasha, Ecuador Pt4

    "This weekend we crazy volunteers are heading to Banos for Carnaval! With no accommodation arranged and a whole continent celebrating and partying I am sure we are in for an experience. Excitement doesn’t even begin to cover it."

    Natasha, Ecuador Pt4 »

    Natasha, Ecuador Pt5

    "Filled with spontaneity, scrummy cheap as chips food, a ton of natural beauty, cultural experiences, way too much dancing, and a bunch of the best people, it’s a weekend I will never forget."

    Natasha, Ecuador Pt5 »

    Natasha, Ecuador Pt8

    "My first placement is at Jan Jose de Calasanz, a school for disabled adults and children. People who haven’t had much experience with people with disabilities often jump to the conclusion that they must all be terribly sad due to the perceived difficulties they have to live with, however, they couldn’t be more wrong."

    Natasha, Ecuador Pt8 »

    Natasha, Ecuador Pt9

    "Expect life to be an adventure; one with smooth seas and thundering storms; a mixture of delight and pain – all of which is necessary for true appreciation, and I am truly learning to value each and every part of this incredible journey."

    Natasha, Ecuador Pt9 »

    Natasha, Ecuador Pt11

    "Embrace the weird and wonderful: I ate someone´s pet…….Ok, well not literally. However, it felt like it considering that Guinea Pigs are kept as household pets back in New Zealand. As an Ecuadorian delicacy we were obliged to try the little piggies at some point – and what better time than one of our fellow volunteer’s 18th birthday!"

    Natasha, Ecuador Pt11 »

    Stephanie, Ecuador

    "Here are my top 5 ‘transferable skills’ learnt during my time volunteering with Lattitude in Ecuador, that can be applied to almost any interview situation…"

    Stephanie, Ecuador »

    Jennifer, Ecuador

    "I went to Ecuador lacking in confidence, frightened of being away from home, and not sure what to expect. I will leave feeling confident and proud, and knowing that it’s more fun when you don’t know what’s going to happen next."

    Jennifer, Ecuador »

    Natasha, Ecuador Reflections

    "Volunteering, and specifically through Lattitude, married my two passions – travelling and serving – perfectly. It meant that I got to see more of our incredible world, expand my horizons, experience something completely different, but also have a purpose and a reason for doing so"

    Natasha, Ecuador »

    Ella, Ecuador

    "Without Lattitude, without my mornings making finger puppets and pasta necklaces in Camal market, my bike rides through the Atacama desert and snowball fight in the Bolivian salt flats, I doubt I would have acquired such a range of skills, stories and memories."

    Ella, Ecuador »

    Chinwe, Ecuador

    "My experience in South America has changed my life and it is an experience that I am exceptionally thankful for. Not only did I do my part to help a community, I found a home on the other side of the world and was able to explore one of the most vibrant and diverse countries and continents in the world."

    Chinwe, Ecuador »

    Joanne Rymell, Fiji Country Manager

    "I am currently Country Manager for the Lattitude Fiji program. Along with our very capable team of Local Representatives we look after volunteers on the main island of Viti Levu and the smaller islands of Ovalau and Motoriki, with approximately 95 volunteers annually."

    Joanne, Fiji Country Manager »

    Lily in Fiji

    Volunteering in Fiji changed Lily's life. The experience altered her plans for university, and now she is studying to be a Cultural Anthropologist.

    Lily, Fiji »

    Michelle - Teacher, Fiji

    "I felt so blessed to be able to take time with the one-on-one remedial support these student’s desperately needed. We volunteers genuinely improve the future prospects of these children by introducing what we see as basic human rights, like knowing the alphabet."

    Michelle Howie, Fiji »

    Fiji, Debbie

    "First things first: I absolutely love Fiji! I had the time of my life in so many ways and had so many experiences I wouldn’t otherwise have had."

    Debbie, Fiji »

    Fiji, Jemma

    "My year with Lattitude Global Volunteering has taught me so many new things and allowed me to see the world from a different perspective. Being in Fiji has been challenging at times but has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life so far."

    Jemma, Fiji »

    Leila, Fiji

    "Before my trip to Fiji I had planned to have a career working with NGOs or doing community work; although I would like to realise this dream, I have also realised that I don’t necessarily need to be in such a profession to be humanitarian and do good to others. Charity comes from the heart; it’s about attitude."

    Leila, Fiji »

    Mursal, Fiji

    "I arrived full of nervous energy and enthusiasm, I left Moturiki thinking “This is my village. Those are my people”. I didn’t just live there, I wasn’t just visiting; I was a member of their society, a kaiviti not a kaivalagi. I have a Fijian family, colleagues and friends."

    Mursal, Fiji »

    Ross, Fiji

    "Although volunteering in Fiji with Latittude Global Volunteering was hard work, I had a great time and felt like I was able to do something worthwhile. I made great friends who made sure I adapted to Fijian culture and made my time in Fiji particularly memorable. "

    Ross, Fiji »

    Laura, Fiji

    "My time in Fiji was the most amazing, challenging and life changing 3.5 months of my life. Being able to live like the locals in a rural village sent many challenges my way especially conforming to their very simple way of life, accepting their cultural expectations and adapting to the community based lifestyle."

    Laura, Fiji »

    Michelle, Fiji

    Michelle volunteered as a Teacher in Fiji in 2013 with Lattitude Global Volunteering and had an amazing time. She shares some of her experiences in this video

    View video here »

    Mark, Fiji

    "I’ve learned so much by living and working in Fiji for 11 months, the type of education I could never have hoped to have back home and it has certainly made me think much more about what’s truly important in life. You come to appreciate the importance of community and sharing and realise just how materialistic our society is back home."

    Mark, Fiji »

    Lottie, Fiji

    "For five months now, I have been totally immersed in the Fijian culture. From my very first day at my placement, I was welcomed into my new family as a daughter, sister, auntie and friend to a very large, extended family and community."

    Lottie, Fiji »

    Kristina, Fiji

    "Bula! It has been a month now that I have been in Fiji and boy it is amazing! Time has been flying by and I cannot believe what I have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time."

    Kristina, Fiji »

    Kristina, Fiji III

    Former Timaru Girls’ High School student Kristina O’Connor is finding herself at home in the Fijian village where she is a volunteer.

    Kristina, Fiji »

    Abbey, Fiji

    "I have spent a wonderful 8 months living in Fiji as a Lattitude Global Volunteering volunteer."

    Abbey, Fiji »

    Mardi, Fiji

    Mardi was eager to see what lay ahead with her volunteering placement in Fiji with Lattitude Global Volunteering, but she didn't anticipate it to have such an impact on her.

    View video here »

    Florence, Fiji

    Florence recently returned from an eight month volunteering placement in Fiji with Lattitude Global Volunteering. This is a video she made of her experiences.

    View video here »

    Lucy, Fiji

    Lattitude interviewed Lucy about her placement, in Driaba School, in the outskirts of Suva, Fiji

    Lucy, Fiji »

    Marisa, Ghana

    Unforgettable, powerful, inspiring, and eye opening. These are just a few words that describe my life changing experience in Ghana.

    Marisa, Ghana »

    Mason, Ghana

    In my spare time I’ve taken on some projects to fix up the school. With money donated by Lambrick High School, we were able to resurface two worn out chalkboards that were in need of some TLC.

    Mason, Ghana »

    Megan, Ghana

    As thrilling and adventurous as the weekends have been, it’s the weekdays that melt my heart. I confess that I have fallen in love 100 times over with all the children in this school, it’s hard not to when their charm is never-ending.

    Megan, Ghana »

    Solvai, Ghana

    Try as I might, there really is no way to explain what the experience in Ghana meant to me. I learned so much about myself, about a new culture, and about life. It put into perspective Western societies, and what we value. Of course there were ups and downs and pot holes in the road, but in the end, that just made everything all the better.

    Solvai, Ghana »

    Clare, Community, Ireland

    "I have loved my placement because it has taught me so much about myself, I never thought I would do half of the things that I do now. I feel that a community placement pushes you in so many ways because you are given so many more situations to take control of. "

    Clare, Community, Ireland »

    Cassim, Community Worker, Japan

    "Within 4 months, having picked up a significant amount of Japanese the Director of the hospital allowed me to work in the emergency room where I gained so much hands on medical experience that I knew I’d have no problem getting a place at medical school when I returned home."

    Cassim, Community Worker, Japan »

    Aliya, Japan

    "Being a volunteer is great, by really living and working in a different country you get to understand the culture in much more depth than you ever could as a tourist.  Also, you can always see the contribution your efforts are making and you always know you are doing something valuable, so it is really rewarding and uplifting."

    Aliya, Japan »

    Lauren, Japan

    "I picked up many skills whilst in Japan: arts and crafts; care for the disabled; social networking in a foreign country; how to cope under extreme pressure and stress; how to look after myself and keep a home and also rudimentary Japanese."

    Lauren, Japan »

    Kerri, Japan

    "I have grown and changed so much as a person, I feel more confident, happier and free! Before coming here I was not ready to go to university, but I am now and plan to go after I finish travelling. I know that my experience and all I have learnt in Japan will help me in the future!"

    Kerri, Japan »

    Alice, Japan

    "Thank you to everyone on my placement and all the Lattitude workers who supported me! It was one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of my life. I will never forget it."

    Alice, Japan »

    Kate in Malawi

    Kate volunteered in Malawi, teaching children in a school for the deaf. Her experience "100% influenced my decision to become a nurse".

    Kate, Malawi »

    Grace in Malawi

    Malawi gace Grace the opportunity to become immersed in a totally new country and culture, and she has embraced it with open arms.

    Grace, Malawi »

    Luke in Malawi

    "For me it's all about the students, every moment I get to stand up in front of class and share my knowledge is one of the best moments." - Luke, Malawi

    Luke, Malawi »

    Alice in Malawi

    Alice volunteered as a Teacher in Malawi with Lattitude Global Volunteering and compiled this amazing video of the many beautiful faces and places that made her experience so special.

    Watch Alice's video here »

    Richard Gomer - Teacher, Malawi

    "Spending time just chatting with your pupils, sitting on the floor outside, is an excellent way to feel at home. They always have something interesting to say or another question to ask. They especially like photographs of your life at home – pets, friends, your house and so on." Richard Gomer »

    Samantha - Teacher, Malawi

    "I realise that this is going to be the experience of a lifetime, and while I can’t even imagine the adventures that lay before me, I am determined not only to be one of the colours in the market place, but to be a part of their community."

    Samantha, Malawi »

    Sarah - Our first month in Malawi

    "January has been a month of firsts, a month of triumphs and tribulations (they seem to come hand in hand here!), a month of wonderful memories and great friendships, and we cannot wait to see what the rest of our time in Bwengu will bring. Malawi is truly a beautiful country and I can definitely say that I have fallen in love with it!"

    Sarah, Malawi »

    Beth, Malawi

    "I’m having an absolutely unbelievable time here in Namisu, Malawi! It has already been three months (to the day yesterday) and I can’t believe how time has flown. I was originally going to only come for three months but so SO glad I decided to go with the six!"

    Beth, Malawi »

    Georgie, Malawi

    "I love all the senior girls, they are just like hanging with friends back home. And they are so good to chat, or sign with. The younger girls have taken quite an attachment to us, and we have been instructed to be good role models haha!"

    Georgie, Malawi »

    Laura, Malawi

    "Now I am at university studying to be a teacher. I thank Lattitude for giving me this amazing opportunity.  I felt brave enough to explore because Lattitude gave me that chance to make my own decisions."

    Laura, Malawi »

    Zoe, Malawi

    Zoe volunteered as a Teacher at Wimbe Primary School for 6 months. She had an amazing time and here's some of her memories

    Zoe, Malawi »

    Beata, Poland Country Manager

    "I love working with young and enthusiastic people who are brave enough to travel overseas to immerse themselves into our culture and enjoy seeing how they become mature adults who are aware of their strengths.  It is great to work for an International Youth Development Charity where we all share the same goals and enthusiasm."

    Beata, Poland Country Manager »

    Matthew, Poland

    No problem seems too big after having to deal with issues living half way across the world from home. University doesn’t seem so scary after conquering a year in a foreign country!! #noregrets

    Matthew, Poland »

    Danae in Poland

    Danae is volunteering as an English Tutor in Warsaw, Poland, and becoming more confident and organised during her work and travels around Europe.

    Danae, Poland »

    Emma in Poland

    Emma wanted to volunteer somewhere with history, a new language to learn and a new culture to dive into. Poland was an excellent choice!

    Emma, Poland »

    Tamara, "Best Decision to Volunteer in Poland!"

    "Meeting and sharing moments with unforgettable people, exploring yourself and independence, being able to play a positive, nurturing role in the lives of your students and most importantly, providing them with the confidence to express themselves and understand each other in a new language."

    Tamara, Poland »

    Sammy, Teaching in Poland

    "The school I am at is a Private Catholic School for Girls (it accepted its first class of boys this year), and is called the Cecylia Plater-Zyberk School, but students and teachers simply call it ‘Platerki’. The school itself is housed in an old building which has an extensive history; I’m told it was used as a hospital during the war! "

    Sammy, Poland »

    Portia, Poland PtII

    "One of the main attractions in Wroclaw is the approximately 300 miniature statues of dwarves, that look like garden gnomes, in different poses dotted around the city. We spent many hours wandering around and managed to find 20. Some were sitting down watching TV while others were hanging off poles."

    Portia, Poland II »

    Jenn Tamati - English Teacher, Poland

    "I met my host family, was introduced to the school, began assisting with lessons and everything slowly but naturally fell into place. I never would of thought, but I really enjoyed teaching. By the end of my placement I was not only holding classes on my own, but relieving for teachers (not just from the english department)." Jenn Tamati »

    Andrea, Poland

    Andrea taught English at the Krakow School for the Blind and Partially Sighted for six months. Here are some of her memories.

    View video here »

    Waipora Marshall Lobb- Schools Assistant, UK

    "Volunteering with Lattitude allowed me to live overseas and experience a different culture. Being away from home helped me become more independent. My experiences in the workplace guided me in my transition from being a student to becoming a young adult. Working also kept me busy and also taught me some valuable skills." Waipora Marshall-Lobb »

    Wessley, Outdoors, UK II

    "I have now been at my placement at Tolmers Activity Centre for just over three months and have comfortably settled in and am really feeling at home.  I have made many friends and many memories already on my trip. I have done things that were completely new experiences for me and I’m not even half way through my stay here at Tolmers."

    Wessley, Outdoors, UK »

    Wessley, Outdoor Instructor, UK Pt III

    "There are far too many memories of CTT to list them all, but all have made an impact; whether it be to myself, my fellow crew members or on the campers. Everyone came and enjoyed themselves, challenged themselves and left with precious memories and new friends.  It was just a small part of what has been a fantastic year."

    Wessley, Outdoor Instructor, UK »

    Shannon, Schools Assistant, UK Pt III

    "The last two weeks have been SO busy! The swimming program at the school is now in full swing and I’m at the pool at least once a day, sometimes twice, with students of all ages. This week I completed a Splash Test at the centre which means I am now allowed and qualified to coach swimming from both in and out of the pool!"

    Shannon, Schools Assistant, UK »

    Tonoya, Schools Assistant, UK

    "I don’t think that anyone truly knows their strengths until they are pushed and this year has pushed me in so many different ways, helping me to develop a certain kind of strength and patience that I have not had before. It’s a lovely feeling to know what you are capable of."

    Tonoya, Schools Assistant, UK »

    Sarah, Outdoor Instructor, UK

    "As for the camp, it’s pretty rad – I’ve been through training courses for high ropes, archery and air rifles. I’ve also helped instruct climbing wall and crate stacking sessions. It’s been great working with young kids again – the energy and craziness of young cubs seems to be an international thing!"

    Sarah, Outdoor Instructor, UK »

    Joanna, Outdoor Instructor, UK

    "That day was the day I fell in love with working here. To work with such an amazing group of kids, it makes it so worthwhile. Until then, I had never left a day feeling so good. I had never left a day knowing the kids loved it more than anything, knowing that I had probably just made their week. It was so rewarding."

    Joanna, Outdoor Instructor, UK »

    10 Year Reunion of UK Volunteers

    "Almost ten years ago, 32 random strangers representing the tri-nations (Aussie, Kiwi and South Africa) met for the first time. In retrospect, looking very young and innocent. We were part of a program, at the time called GAP a.k.a Gap Activity Projects, now known as Lattitude Global Volunteering."

    Trys, Outdoor Instructor, UK »

    Ben, Schools Assistant, UK

    "It has been the experience of a lifetime, and I have already learnt so much. The things I have already accomplished, and the many things that are to come in the remaining months, will be some of my fondest memories."

    Ben, Schools Assistant, UK »

    Mitchell, Schools Assistant, UK

    "My experience so far has been incredible and I have nothing bad to say. I can’t stress enough how helpful the Lattitude staff were when we arrived and how organised they were. If you are even slightly considering taking a gap year in 2015 I’d say go for it!"

    Mitchell, Schools Assistant, UK »

    Milly and Cass, UK

    "We are having such an amazing time over here on our gap year and are meeting so many new and interesting people from all over the UK and Europe. We encourage any one and everyone to take up the opportunity that Lattitude offers and come on a gap year, you won’t regret it!"

    Milly and Cass, UK »

    Waipora, Schools Assistant, UK

    "f you are looking to challenge yourself to a completely different way of living, then volunteering overseas with Lattitude may well be the choice for you. Lattitude Global volunteering offers a wide range of projects choice which means you can easily find a project that suits your needs."

    Waipora, Schools Assistant, UK »

    Rob, Vanuatu

    "It’s impossible to summarise the time there succinctly but I think it still remains the single most rewarding thing I have ever undertaken in my life."

    Rob, Vanuatu »

    Ruby, Vanuatu

    "There’s something about the Pacific, perhaps, the salt in the sea, the breeze in the bush or the copious amounts of taro you’re forced to eat – it’s magic, it sticks and I will certainly never, ever forget it."

    Ruby, Vanuatu »

    Chantel, Vanuatu

    "For anybody thinking of doing a placement with Lattitude, do it! It will create some of the most poignant moments of your life as well as opening up the door of opportunities for you."

    Chantel, Vanuatu »

    Molly, Vanuatu

    Molly Gerke volunteered as a Teacher in Vanuatu and had a life changing experience. Not only did she gain new friends, confidence, and a home away from home, her students had such an impact on her that she’s started a foundation to help give a quality education to children in the south pacific region.

    View video here »

    Hayden, Vanuatu

    "My name is Hayden Brokenshire and this is just a video that sums up my time volunteering at Loone Primary School on the small island of Ambae in Vanuatu. "

    View video here »

    Clare, Vanuatu

    "Those months really do hold so many stories, memories and images, there is just so much to say about my 6 months on the other side of the world, it made me question everything I’ve ever known and opened my eyes to a life I’d never even known existed"

    Clare, Vanuatu »

    Odette, Vietnam

    " Getting to experience a new culture from local Vietnamese people wanting to show us how great their country is was amazing. We got to experience so much more than we expected. "

    Odette, Vietnam »

    Josh, Vietnam

    "Vietnam: I hadn't been sure what to expect but now it is ‘Việt Nam: an experience that will stay with me for a lifetime"

    Josh, Vietnam »

    David James – English Teacher, Vietnam

    "Last week was introduce myself week. Basically I talk about New Zealand and myself, then show around pictures of the Townsville calendar from home and get them to describe what they see. Then I write their descriptive words next to the images I have stuck to the board." David James »

    Lily, "First Few Days in Vietnam"

    "Everyday is a new mission and something exciting and unexpected is guaranteed to happen! So far it has been such an eye-opening and rewarding experience and we have only been here for a short time. I am super keen for the next couple of months and can only imagine what amazing adventures are to come."

    Lily, Vietnam »

    Darcy, Vietnam

    "Teaching has been so rewarding, a challenge that I have been able to conquer. I am also learning so much myself every day. It’s nice to know that I’m directly involved in the intellectual development of my students, as it makes me want to give them as much as I have to give!"

    Darcy, Vietnam »

    Darcy, "Adventures in Vietnam"

    "Teaching has been such a rewarding job! I teach grades one to five and each grade is so different. I mainly teach grade ones, and I’ve come to love them! We play games and even when they’re learning the ‘boring stuff’ we still manage to have a good time. Every day I come out of my classes feeling uplifted and accomplished."

    Darcy, Vietnam »

    Darcy, Vietnam III

    "I have come out of this placement a very strong and independent person. This has opened my eyes in a big way, and there are no words to describe how I’m feeling back home. Life will never be the same… it will be better than I ever imagined it could be!"

    Darcy, Vietnam »

    Tim, Vietnam

    "I couldn’t wait to come here and have thoroughly enjoyed being a sports coach at my placement. Although coaching sport is my main role, I also get to do a little bit of English teaching. Most weeks I will have about 12 periods of sports coaching, and six or seven periods of English teaching"

    Tim, Vietnam »

    Jessica, Vietnam

    "They say a picture is worth a thousand words but a smile is worth even more and fifty at once really is the greatest feeling ever! As I stood watching my students smiling and giggling I knew I had succeeded; all the hard days and challenges felt absolutely worth it because my students were smiling."

    Jessica, Vietnam »

    Clarissa, Vietnam

    "I’m not much of a story writer so I decided to share my photos with you all instead. Sarah (my volunteer partner) and I are having a great time!"

    Clarissa, Vietnam »

    Tayla, Vietnam

    "Vietnam is a country that offers so much for someone who wants to step out of their comfort zone and experience a whole new culture."

    Tayla, Vietnam »

    Lauren, Vietnam

    "Teaching in Vietnam was an amazing experience in an amazing country, and the memories I have and friendships I made made the trip something I would recomend to anyone."

    Lauren, Vietnam »

    Mitch, Vietnam

    "I undertook a Lattitude placement in Vietnam for five months last year as an English Tutor. During my time there, I was able to understand and appreciate the diverse culture in which the amazing and wonderful locals live."

    Mitch, Vietnam »

    Cath, Vietnam

    "I will never forget the first time I walked into a classroom by myself; the look of excitement as it dawned on them they would have me as their teacher."

    Cath, Vietnam »

    Harriet, Vietnam

    "Sitting on the back of the motorbike and riding out of the village at dawn gave me time to appreciate the picturesque town, where I had a truly unique and completely accidental cultural experience."

    Harriet, Vietnam »