Brittany, Outdoor Instructor, UK


Brittany’s GAP YEAR in the UK

It all started on the 10th of 1st in London. Everybody was at the Generator Hostel for a night where got to meet the people we would be living with for the next few months.
The next day everybody went off to their placements apart from us (Fairthorne Manor Gappies), we had another 2 weeks before we could go to our placement. This meant I got to live in London for the next 2 weeks! London was stunning! I loved the vibe you got. It wasn’t like any place I have been to before.

YMCA Fairthorne Manor Outdoor Center

It was in the smallest town ever! haha but it would do for the next 9 months. Once we got there we were given a tour around Fairthorne was such a huge place! We were given training on most activities so that we would be the instructors for them. Training was so much fun! This was when we got to know each other! Along with being an instructor we had to do site work. Our 1st job was to clean out the leap of faith, so much mud!


After a while we got into the swing of things! And we were doing really well. We all got along and we knew how to do our job on our own.
In June I and another Lattitude girl got chosen to go work in Holland for a week! This was amazing! I never planned on going over there so this was a huge plus for me  haha. We lived in a little shack with about 6 others. 


We got to do the same kind of activities but in a different way. We have a lake for the kayaking and a tower for abseiling and rock climbing etc. But in Holland we were going down this long river, rock climb on actual rocks and abseiling down them too and also off a building. 


Later on in July we held a festival called YCF. This was amazing as we got to meet some new people and I had a role of making a video and was in a dance for the opening of it. So they got to do the activities and be a kid again. During the festival we had a huge disco, campfire and broke a world record!! 


Being a gappy normally means you want to find everything cheap right? So I found a bus to PARIS for 5£ one way from London! This was right near the end of my time at Fairthorne manor. So it was an amazing trip to get me all excited for the last part of my travels!

After Paris I said my goodbyes to everyone and a group of us gappies went off to Greece and Rome! After all the hard work that year, it was time to have some fun! And do what we came here to do!


This was the end of my travels as the rest went on with theirs. So I made my way back home on the long flight and was welcomed back by family and friends!

All of us Lattitude got a ring done for this year (there was 12 of us,) we got a ring done so we would always have something to remind us of our travels and new friendships we had made but most importantly to remind us of our crazy family.


They have our room name, YMCA logo, and 12 engraved on them
So I just wanted to thank you Lattitude. Last year was one of the best times of my life and it wouldn’t have been possible without you. It was a life changing event that is for sure!

All of us Lattituders