Claudia, Schools Assistant, UK

Claudia’s school trip to France

The Year 7s feeling French

On Sunday morning we all had an early start, meeting in the dining room at 5:45am ready for our journey to France.  From Portsmouth, we caught a six-hour ferry to Caen which was surprisingly really fun with a cinema and silent disco on board!


Cruising to France!

Once we had arrived at the Chateau we were shown around the place and given the chance to unpack. I got completely spoilt in a room with a queen bed and private ensuite away from everyone. Poor Jane (the adorable French teacher) was stuck in a shoebox next door to the girls bunk room.

Masterchef eat your heart out!

The food was absolutely delicious the whole week.  Each night, staff were invited to have drinks and nibbles which consisted of crepes, cheeses, chocolates and macarons.

Some of the tasty treats

It was so strange to stand outside the girls bunk room each night and yell at them for keeping each other awake… felt like only yesterday since I was being told to shut up and go to sleep. One night I caught a girl out of bed and as I was leaving the room she said to her friend, “She’s so mean!” It was the most hilarious moment seeing her look up at me standing there with the door still wide open having heard what she had just said. She became very red faced and it turned into the running joke of the week and from then on whenever I entered/exited their room they would all say a combination of “We love you Miss Claudia” or “She’s so mean” in unison.

Messy but happy kids on camp

I had such an amazing week with the Year 7s and despite the exhaustion and lack of sleep, I wish I could be back there doing it all over again!

Submitted by: Claudia Hamer