Georgia, Schools Assistant, UK

Georgia in the UK


This Gap Year is turning into the best year of my life! Sadly though it also seems to be the fastest year as well! I am well over half way through now and it feels like a lifetime ago since I was at high school in New Zealand sitting my final exams, having my mum make my dinner and do my laundry and spending time with family and friends and people who pretty much everything about me. Yet it was only 8 months ago. In that time I have grown up so much, learnt so many new skills and met so many amazing new people, friends I know I will have for life, I have travelled to the Northern tips of Europe into the Scottish highlands and descended into the deep south going as far as Turkey where I spent ANZAC Day at Gallipoli. Europe is an incredibly big and diverse mesh of people, places and cultures and I have loved every second here.

I volunteer at a school for children with severe special needs in Oxfordshire, England, and have built up immensely strong bonds with many of the children and already know I will cry my eyes out when I have to leave them. They have taught me a lot about myself and made me realise that life is precious and should not be taken for granted, so go out and explore, discover, give, and never stop learning.

My mum also came over and visited me in May from New Zealand and of course seeing her was wonderful but what was more profound was realising just how much I have changed from this experience. I guess I wouldn’t have realised it unless I was around something, someone, familiar again to see just how different I am now – for the better of course!

Take care everyone who is on a Gap Year, and to anyone who is considering one – do it! It will be the greatest adventure of your life and you certainly will not regret it!

Georgia, UK