Laura, Fiji



My time in Fiji was the most amazing, challenging and life changing 3.5 months of my life. Being able to live like the locals in a rural village sent many challenges my way especially conforming to their very simple way of life, accepting their cultural expectations and adapting to the community based lifestyle. On the other hand there is no better way to experience ?rst hand the culture of such a friendly and welcoming race of people. I quickly got used to hand washing my clothes, cold showers, enormous feasts and sharing everything with my new family.


My favourite time of the day was working with my “slow reader”. She is a year 5 girl who cannot speak or read English. I tutored her one on one every day after school. Seeing her improvement or a joyful smile when she read a word correctly was extremely rewarding and satisfying. Fijians taught me the importance of happiness and I quickly learnt that humans do not need materialistic items to ful?l this.


I am also now very thankful of my life in New Zealand and vowed to never take safe hot and cold tap water for granted. Fiji is an enormously diverse country which gives you the ability to experience different cultures and ways of life. I have made friends and family for life in Fiji and the country will always hold a special place in my heart.