Sarah, Outdoor Instructor, UK

News from a UK Scout Camp

Before I left I promised that I would send regular updates. I also said that I would post things on Facebook which hasn’t really happened! This update, and a couple more later in the year, hopefully will fill that gap.

I arrived safely in the UK late February, after two long but bearable flights. The first few days were spent in London, getting info about my placement and seeing London. I went on the tube in rush hour, which was an experience! I’ve since been on the tube a few other times, and apart from the time I accidently grabbed a woman’s hair in a very packed train it has gone pretty well!

After a few days we (myself and the three other international volunteers) travelled to PACCAR Scout Camp in Chalfont St Peter. Apart from myself, there is Carley from Yeppoon, Josh from Christchurch and Allyson from Washington DC. Another volunteer, Jack, is from England and has been super helpful in getting our bearings in this strange land! At first we were sleeping in two caravans, but now we are in the old warden’s bungalow (aka a one storey house). We’ve furnished it pretty well from giveaways (the site is wonderful) and it’s now pretty comfy. The weather is also improving, today I walked around in pants, a t-shirt and a light jumper – amazing!

As for the camp, it’s pretty rad – I’ve been through training courses for high ropes, archery and air rifles. I’ve also helped instruct climbing wall and crate stacking sessions. It’s been great working with young kids again – the energy and craziness of young cubs seems to be an international thing! There has also been a fair amount of maintenance to do; from cleaning toilets, to doing rubbish pickup, moving bits and pieces, tidying, chopping up trees – you get the message! It’s been hard work, but the camaraderie with the other crew members makes it much more of an easy task.

As for adapting to the new country, well it’s fairly similar to Australia. There have been a few differences that have really stood out though. If you ask for capsicum, no one knows what you mean. Also, it seems like one architect designed all the buildings in the entire country! Lastly, having a sandwich here seems to be impossible without also having a bag of crisps (chips).

Hopefully all of you are going well, and having safe, exciting, relaxing and awesome lives!

Submitted by: Sarah Armatys