Shannon, Schools Assistant, UK

First term at Prebendal – complete!

Shannon strikes a pose at Prebendal's front gate

I have officially completed my first term at Prebendal! Can you believe it?! And just as a little reward, I now have four weeks holiday! FOUR WEEKS!! But more about that later, here’s what happened this week..

I was one of eight teachers that attended a kindergarten excursion with twenty three-year-olds to Staunton Country Park (a local farmyard). At first I thought the ratio was a little high, but I seriously don’t think we would have made it back without so many staff! I was allocated three lovely girls to supervise for the day. We walked around feeding the animals, looking at the new babies and counting everything, just so the farmer knew none of his precious animals had gone missing. We then all met up again for lunch and a play in the indoor playground. I decided to take on the responsibility of testing all the equipment, just to make sure it was safe for the kids, of course! I think I probably had more fun than some of the children.

Kinder students on excursion at the farm!

Throughout the term there have been a number of house competitions – from sport, to music to academics to art, and of course, the much fought over ‘pluses’ (basically just points awards for good work or behaviour). Early in the week the winning house was announced, so on Thursday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the winning house’s feast, held at the end of every term. The year eights organised everything; food, entertainment, speeches… You name it, they had it. It was an incredible night, so much fun, and such yummy food!

The year 8 students playing hockey

As you can imagine there has been a number of end of term celebrations including services, assemblies and the Lent Term Concert – a display of music from each band, orchestra and choir. My oh my, what talent! Sitting there in the audience, I had to keep reminding myself that these musicians are actually children under the age of thirteen.

Other than that… MUM ARRIVES TOMORROW MORNING!!!! Just in case you didn’t realise, I’m a little bit excited! We’re hiring a car and road tripping around the south and southwest of England, staying in bed & breakfasts along the way. Our reunion ends watching the Oxford/Cambridge Rowing Regatta on the River Thames. I’m then off to Portugal for a week with some friends. On the way home I’ll spend a couple of days in York, at Louise and Mary’s school, then I’ll head back to Chichester for the start of the Summer Term, after the Easter weekend. No complaints on this set up from me!

Shannon outside Chichester Cathedral

Submitted by: Shannon Jones