Tayla, Vietnam

Tayla writes from Vung Tau, Southern Vietnam

Hi there, My name is Tayla and I am from New Zealand !!!
I departed Wellington Airport on Saturday the 25th of August 2012 to travel to my new home for 4 months, the amazing Vietnam! I have only been here for two weeks but the lifestyle here compared to home is absolutely amazing and life changing.

For the first week I took part in a teaching course in Ho Chi Minh City along with 15 other volunteers that completed my life (4 others from NZ, 8 from Australia and 3 from the UK) where we learnt how to become a bunch of amazing English Teachers. We gained a whole lot of new skills and the week was a lot of fun. Getting to know the group and exploring what Ho Chi Minh City had to offer was an awesome experience!


Once the tecahing course was complete all the volunteers were split up into pairs and sent off to their new destination, mine being the beautiful city of Vung Tau. I now live in room in a University with my new Aussie room mate Gillian! We recently jazzed up our humble abode to make it more homely.


We are so lucky over here, the food is absolutely amazing (if you like seafood and meat then you’re sorted), its super cheap, the weather is amazing so you can get a tan and I have been told by my new local friend that you CAN’T get fat in Vietnam!! At this current time i haven’t yet taught a class at the University that I am placed at but during the week teaching course we got to teach a bunch of adults a couple of times a week. It is honestly so much fun and worth every second. Everyone over here looks at you and stares but its only because they are interested in you and when you try to speak their language they giggle and smile. Most of the time im pretty sure im saying it wrong but they seem to understand.


In our free time Gill and I have had the chance to visit the local markets (where you get to argue prices with sellers and get the price down if they are super nice), ride on the back of motorbikes (WITH HELMETS ON) on the crazy Vietnamese roads and we got the chance to walk up to visit the giant Jesus Statue in Vung Tau which has an amazing view of the city and is bigger than the statue in Rio De Janerio! Oh and squat toliets are rather fun to use to!!


Even though I have only been here for a short time, I am loving life so much and am making the most of every opportunity that comes my way. Vietnam is a country that offers so much for someone who wants to step out of their comfort zone and experience a whole new culture. If you are planning on volunteering and travelling with Lattitude next year come to Vietnam, I am telling you now you wont regret it and it will be the best decision you have ever made ! Trust me. The photos prove it !!

Dam Biet