Draw upon your own educational background in under-resourced areas to mentor and educate students and fellow staff.

These roles are incredibly diverse, and are available in many exciting destinations. The role of TEACHER usually takes place in some of our less economically developed countries. For the local people education can be the key to a prosperous future. However, many schools in developing countries are under funded and under resourced, meaning that teachers are often overstretched, and having a volunteer can make an enormous difference in the students lives.  

Taking on the role of TEACHER, you will draw upon your own recent educational background to help fill this gap, mentoring and educating students, and supporting fellow staff. The scope of your teaching role will depend on the needs of your host country, but generally, you will be given your own class to teach and plan lessons for soon after your arrival. Schools may call on volunteers to teach a wide range of subjects, so you will need to be creative in the use of whatever resources are available. There is generally a curriculum to follow, from which fun and exciting lesson plans can be developed.

Volunteers are encouraged to bring their youthful enthusiasm to the classroom, and engage with the students as much as possible, in order to inspire them to excel. While these placements can be some of our more challenging options, they are also often the most rewarding and can offer the most in terms of your own personal development.




Both the ENGLISH TUTOR and TEACHER roles share the undeniable fact that your presence in these schools and learning institutions will be highly appreciated, and you will find that you are welcomed with open arms.

Although the idea of taking your own class may seem daunting, Lattitude will aid your preparation by holding Teaching Skills Courses prior to your placement start, during which you will be trained in such topics as Classroom Management, Planning Lessons with Limited Resources etc. Your fellow teachers and school staff are always supportive, and will be there to help you when you need it. Often, you will be teaching with your Lattitude volunteer partner, so there is ample opportunity to share ideas and critique each others lessons.


Accommodation types vary greatly from country to country. In many of our English Tutor/Teacher destination countries, we utilise Host Families. These families often have some relationship with your host school, either as staff members there, or perhaps with children who are students at the school. Host families are the ultimate way of experiencing a new culture from within, and before long, you will find yourself at home away from home.
In other countries, such as China for example, the host school may provide a self-contained flat or apartment to be shared with your Lattitude partner. In the developing world, in places such as Malawi, Vanuatu or Fiji, the accommodation may be VERY different from what you are used to. You may need to be willing to dispense with some creature comforts; in extreme cases, even regular electricity and running water!


As there are SO MANY options to choose from, we spend a lot of time with you during and after your personal interviews to learn exactly what you want to get out of the experience. We use that information to recommend the placement that is going to work the best for you, and that will challenge you how YOU want to be challenged.

Destinations where you can do this role:



    Ecuador is an enticing, exciting country. The colonial Spanish influences are evident throughout the country,take a trip into the villages and you will be amazed by the native Amerindian cultures that still flourish in the Amazon basin.

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    Fiji comprises a group of approximately 330 islands in the tropical South Pacific. The local people are warm, friendly and extremely generous and volunteers become immersed in the traditional way of life while contributing to the local community.

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    Malawi is a beautiful country bordering Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia. The people are extremely welcoming and greatly appreciate assistance to help improve their prospects. If you are interested in really contributing to a community through teaching then Malawi could be for you.

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    Ghana is a beautiful country in Western Africa. Although a stable and successful democracy, many Ghanaians still live in poverty, so with many opportunities to make a difference, spending your gap year in Ghana is a truly rewarding experience.

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