Spain is the newest addition to the Lattitude list of amazing destinations. Part of Europe's Iberian peninsular, it is famous for it's cuisine and stunning Mediterranean beaches, but there is so much more is store for more intrepid visitors. Friendly inhabitants, relaxed lifestyles, world famous art, architecture and a rich vein of history make Spain an incredible gap year destination.


Placement Locations

Placements in Spain are located in the region of Castilla y Leon. The largest and most historic region in Spain, with 9 UNESECO World Heritage Sites Lattitude offices are based in Valladolid.

Main centres:

- Valladolid, pop. 420,000

- Burgos, pop. 180,000

- Segovia, pop. 50,000

- Leon, pop. 144,000

- Palencia, pop. 82,000

- Salamanca, pop.  150,000

- Soria, pop. 40,000

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Is It For Me?

English Tutor roles in Spain offer volunteers the freedom to develop imaginative lesson plans that encourage students to practice their English in a fun and supportive setting. The ability to adapt, think creatively and embrace a new culture will allow you to experience the wonderful traditions and customs that Spain has to offer. 


Placements Explained

English Tutor

Lattitude volunteers in Spain will be based at a variety of schools from primary to high school level. They will officially adopt the position of English language assistants, but will often be in the position of planning and taking charge of lessons. You will work alongside permanent teachers and help with a range of activities, using your English skills to assist both students and teachers.  Volunteers may also become involved with additional activities in the school, such as music or drama classes or sport, and occasional extracurricular activities and outings.

Spain has traditionally lagged behind other EU countries as regards language skills and resources have been made available to improve language learning and create so-called "bilingual schools", where English is made a priority, to the extent that some regular school subjects are sometimes given in English, such as science, art or Phys. Ed. However, the teaching staff are still some way behind and contact between students and native speakers is encouraged to provide the opportunity to practice.

As a fluent English speaker, you will primarily be responsible for teaching English up to 12-15 hours per week. Overall you are likely to work 3-5 hours per day, 4-5 days per week.


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Accommodation And Food

All Lattitude volunteers in Spain will live with host families - the ultimate way to learn about culture, language, food and friendships from within. All volunteers will be given their own room and full board for the duration of their stay. Meals will likely be standard Spanish fare (amazing!), which is normally lunch at around 2pm, with a first course, second course and desert or fruit and the evening meal will be similar, at 8 or 9pm. Volunteers have to get used to this, as snacking during the day is much less common in Spain. Most Spanish families prepare food each day from fresh ingredients, with fish, meat, vegetables, pasta, rice and eggs.

Spanish families expect a degree of interaction most times, as they tend to be sociable and enjoy shared time in the evenings and meal times. With regards to practising English, volunteers should be expected to offer 3-5 hours English help per week with the kids at home, whether this be helping with homework, reading or playing games in English and it may also include helping other family members practice their English, although in a friendly and informal fashion. Host families will ALWAYS want to help our volunteers with their Spanish too, so reciprocal language learning is common.

Need To Know

  • Pre-departure Briefing - all volunteers are invited to a group briefing in New Zealand prior to departure
  • On Arrival - volunteers attend an orientation together in Valladolid
  • The orientation is an opportunity to learn more about Spain and also meet your fellow volunteers.  You will stay for two nights at Orientation and all food and accommodation is included. It’s a great introduction to your Lattitude Global Volunteering placement and will include:
    • Introduction to Lattitude Spain staff
    • Health, Safety and Security sessions
    • Interactive group sessions looking at volunteer and placement expectations
    • Learning from the experience of previous volunteers through case studies and scenarios
    • Fact finding
    • Practical administration, for example, bank arrangements and SIM cards
    • Cultural experiences
    • Experiencing Spanish Tapas!


  • Language - no previous knowledge of Spanish is required
  • It is not necessary for volunteers to have a knowledge of Spanish before they arrive but through learning the language many more opportunities will become available.  This is a perfect opportunity to further develop existing Spanish language ability. Everyone you meet will be more than willing to help you in exchange for the chance to practice their English on you.


Support Provided

Before Leaving:

  • We find out about each volunteers strengths, skills and interests through an in-depth interview which helps us select the right people as well as identifying what they are hoping to achieve while away and helps us select the right people to be Lattitude volunteers
  • A second interview with our In Country Programme Manager (often via Skype) helps match them to a placement perfect for them.
  • Once you have been accepted by the in Country Programme Manager you will be looked after by a specialised Volunteer Coordinator in our NZ office who assists with all preparations, support with logistics such as flights and visas, and are there to answer any questions.
  • Everyone attends a predeparture briefing to meet other volunteers, Lattitude staff, other professionals such as our travel agent, travel doctors and insurance company representatives as well as hearing from returned volunteers, learning in person about the expectations and exciting prospects that lie ahead.
  • Volunteers are seen off at the airport, where they travel together to their destination countries
  • All volunteers sign our Term and Conditions to ensure that Lattitude's expectations of each volunteer are agreed and clear from the outset.

While Overseas:

  • Volunteers attend a group orientation upon arrival in-country and, where needed, undertake training such as a local language or teaching skills course.
  • We have paid staff based in each country. Our Country Managers oversee the program and work with a team of Local Representatives who provide support in the local areas and develop close relationships with placement hosts.
  • Each volunteer is visited at their placement soon after arrival by an in-country staff member to check how things are and provide additional support if needed.
  • We work with Embassies and High Commissions to ensure we can respond to any situation and provide 24/7 emergency support from the Lattitude office in New Zealand.

Upon Return:

  • We recognise that coming home can be difficult and provide one-to-one support, with onward referrals for further professional support if needed. Volunteers are invited to debriefing events and become part of our network of alumni.
  • Our debriefing session will include discussions from industry professionals regarding the identification and articulation of the new skills the volunteer has invariably acquired during his/her placement, and how to use these new skills to get ahead.
  • We are always happy to supply written and verbal references to our successful volunteers upon return home, to aid in applications to higher education or the workforce.


These costs are for Lattitude placements for Spain in 2018 and a full explanation of costs can be found here:

Lattitude fees (exact costs):  
Lattitude Application Fee $150
Lattitude Contribution Fee $3,900
Lattitude In-country Orientation TBC
Lattitude Teaching Skills Course TBC
You will also need to budget for the following (approx costs):   
Return Airfares (approx cost of group flight) $2,500 - $3,200
Travel Insurance (6 months)     $700
Visa TBC
Medical examination $50 - $200
Travel Doctor Consultation & Immunisations $0
Total cost (approximate)
$8,060 - $8,910


Pocket Money

Volunteers will have the opportunity to subsidise their expenses by offering private English language lessons after school, in the evenings and at weekends. Lattitude staff and host organisations assist in making these arrangements. By giving 10 hours weekly private tuition, additional living costs, including going out, making weekend trips, personal items and social life should be covered.

Travel & Free Time

The region is full of historical sites, with UNESCO World Heritage sites in Salamanca, Leon, Burgos, Avila, Segovia and then further afield, larger urban centres, such as Bilbao or Madrid are 60-90 minutes away. There are soccer, basketball and handball teams which all have local support, cinemas, live music and a variety of social and cultural events every weekend throughout the region. Dancing is very popular, with Sala, Zumba and similar classes available. Just to the North, the beaches of Cantabria offer bracing weather and excellent surfing.